Lisa and Lou were married in Delaware in the late spring. We had such a great time shooting them and we came back with lots of images to go through. I have never delivered this many images to a client before. These two were great sports and they had a great time the whole day. Thanks you guys.


Amy and Mark were married in the summertime. It rained earlier in the day and that usually makes the nicest sunsets which we captured later in the evening. I photographed Mark's brother's wedding a while ago and I knew these two would be fun to photograph. Thanks for everything.


Jenn and Brian were married at the Merion Tribute house in the spring. We had wonderful weather all day and these two have such great families. I photographed Brian's sister's wedding a couple years ago and these guys know how to have a good time. Thanks for everything, you guys are truly wonderful. Enjoy.


Erin and Kevin were married in early March and we went to the rockwood mansion park for some great photos. These two were so relaxed all day. Kevin and the guys wore kilts to celebrate the Irish tradtions. It wasn't St Patricks Day, but it sure had that feel all day long. Thanks to the both of you for such a fun wedding.


Kristen and John were married at Normandy Farms. They had a great wedding and the sky was so perfect for photos and everything went smoothly. Kristen couldn't stop smiling whenI arrived. Even when we tried some non smiling shots, she couldn't contain her joy. Please enjoy.


Lauren and Ray were married in the spring. They had loads of fun on their wedding day, along with all of their guests. They were up for any idea I threw that them. This always makes my job easier. I think their expressions in this photo say everything about this pair. Fun, happy, and in love.


Bethany and Andrew chose Normdany Farms for their fall wedding. Like many weddings this season, rain was in the forecast. Luckily Bethany had umbrellas and the rain held off long enogh for us to get some great shots outside. Their friends and family were some of the kindest people I have met. Enjoy.




Katey and Nathan were married in Galena, Illinois. Katey is an old college friend and I made the trip to the midwest for her wedding. She gave me lots of time for photos and it shows. There were so many great locations and the day went perfectly. I have never had a bride with such brightly colored hair and it fit her personality.



Karen and Christian were married in Washington DC. Karen is an old friend of my wife's and I was honored that the couple chose me for their photos. Karen is very "crafty" she made her bouquets out of fabric. This was a newly renovated Biltmore house and still had some of that old charm .



Jessica and Reny were married near Albany New York this fall. The inn was damaged by some flooding earlier in the year, but we used some different locations around the grounds for photos. Everyone had a great time and there was some latin music thrown in for good measure. Thank you both.



Elaine and John have a wonderful property and that was the setting for their wedding. They had the entire wedding on their front lawn. They also had the wedding at the perfect time for light. Just after 6 p.m. in June gives the photos a wonderful soft look. These two made the most of their home and it was great for photography. Enjoy.


Kristin and Mike were married on a blustery day this spring. They handled the day with grace and happiness. It rained and gusted to the point where power went out at the reception and these two took it in stride. By the end of the day, I don't think anyone even remembered that there was no power. Their wedding was truly beautiful.



Martha and Rob were married in Upstate New York. Rob is my father, so it was a little strange photographing his wedding. I haven't seen my father as happy as this in a long time. They were married on one of the Hottest days of the year, but through it all they were both all smiles. Enjoy.


Meghan and Kevin were married this fall at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell. It was a little chilly, but we made it work and came away with some nice images. Meg and Kevin had a great time and the reception was quite a party. I really enjoyed my time with all their family and friends. Please enjoy the photos.



Danielle and Tim were married in Charleston, South Carolina. Danielle is a fellow photographer and friend and I had the honor of being asked to capture her day. I felt a little more pressure than usual at first, but once we got going the nerves faded and it all worked out. Thank you guys.



Samantha and Nick were such a fun couple to photograph. They were great together. We could have done the shoot in a parking lot and these two would have made it fun. Thankfully, that was not the case and we came away with some great expresssions. I photographed their wedding for Doug Burns' company Candid Moments.


Rachael and Paul were married at the Little Treehouse in Chestnut Hill. I have known Rachael for many years and I was honored that she trust me with her wedding photos. The bright colors of the Treehouse and the energy of the couple really showed through in this fall wedding.


Lauren and Chris were married in early August. This was one of the most energetic couples I have had the priveledge of photographing. Also, both families were all smiles all day long. It was a great to have a place in such a wonderful environment. Please enjoy both galleries. Thanks.


Alicia and Randall were married at the Cairnwood Mansion. These two were such a fun couple to photograph. Alicia wore the first short wedding dress I had ever photographed. Randall had a great classic car and we were able to use it for some cool shots, like the one above.


Tammi and Kevin were married on a beautiful fall day. We had a lot of fun photographing their wedding. They were both all smiles the entire day. I love it when couples are easy going, relaxed and fun. Please enjoy.


Angelica and Anthony were married on a bright, sunny spring day in Allentown, PA. Angelica suggested we go to a nearby park for pictures and there was a droopy, pink flowering tree which was perfect for photos. Enjoy.


Josh and Carla kept telling me they weren't very photogenic, but by the end of the wedding I can safely say they took some great photos. Please enjoy. Josh and Carla just recieved their album, please check the album section for their book.


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