All prints are done on canvas and the hanging wire is included. There is no need to have your prints framed. I have many of these prints on canvas and I couldn't be happier with them.

When you are ready to buy, click the paypal button to place an order. All images except the panoramic images are available in all sizes and the panoramic shots are available only in 30x10 size.

Canvas SIzes

IMPORTANT NOTE- at the paypal site make sure to include the image name you would like in the special notes section, or e mail me the name.



Northern Lights Iceland 1


Northern Lights Iceland 2


Northern Lights Iceland 3


Northern Lights Iceland 6


Clothesline Northern Lights


Northern Lights Iceland 14


Northern Lights Icleand 4


Northern Lights and Farm Equipment


Northern Lights Iceland 8


Northern Lights Iceland 9


Northern Lights Iceland 10


Northern Lights Iceland 11


Northern Lights Iceland 12


Northern Lights Iceland 13


Northern Lights Iceland 15


Northern Lights Iceland 16




Fall in Canada


Peggy's Cove Lighthouse


Fall in Nova Scotia


Fall in Nova Scotia


Yellow and Red Dahlia Flower


Perce Rock in Quebec Canada


Alaska Mountain 2

Alaskan Mountain


Alaska Mist 2

Alaskan Woods 3


Alaska Sky

Alaskan Glacier





Alaskan Woods 2


Alaskan Waterfall 2


Barcelona Art Museum


Barcelona Port


Malta Port 3


Malta Old City 5


Malta Old City


Malta Old City 2


Park Guell 2


Barcelona Skyline


Pompeii 2


Positano, Italy


Roman Colosseum 3


Roman Colosseum


St. Peter's Square 2


St. Peter's Church 3 Rome


Cathedral at Pisa


Leaning Tower of Pisa 2


Cathedral and Bell Tower at Pisa 3


Bell Tower of the Duomo in Florence


Montserrat in Spain


Montserrat 3


Maine Coast


Portland Headlight 1


Sunset on the Mediterranean


Sunset on the Mediterranean 2


Orchid 3


Orchid 7


Orchid 8


Orchid 6


Orange Orchid

Purple Orchid




Orchid 4


Red Panda


Small Mammal


The Breakers Mansion


Niagara Falls 3


Notre Dame in Montreal


Philadelphia Skyline 2


Montserrat in Catalonia Spain


Pyrenees Mountains in Spain


Roman Colosseum


Florence, Italy


Ponte Vecchio in Florence


Boston Skyline


Portland, Maine


French Alps


Pittsburgh Sunset

Toronto Canada

Montreal Canada


Philadelphia Skyline


Pittsburgh Skyline


Seattle Skyline



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